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Monday, July 26, 2010


Importance of Computer in human society

The importance of computers cannot be understated. Computers have changed the world and are here to stay. Computers have changed people lives in everything they do. From daily activities to business things have all changed because of computers. Let’s look a little more closely at the importance of computers for business. Many things have changed in business and fro the better. Some things that used to take hours now take minutes to accomplish. Things like email, word processors, and spreadsheets have all changed they way business’s complete tasks. Some jobs have now become so easy that we almost take for granted how they used to get done. Computers can add numbers in a matter of seconds for large amounts of data. This is huge and only shows the importance of computers. Workers can do things such as work from how now because of computers and rganizations can hire employees all over the world and keep tabs on their work. It’s safe to say the rules have all changed because of computers. People who never were able to get out and meet new people can now do so online. Computers have made this easy for these people. With computer dating, people can now find dates online instead of going out to bars to meet new people. Personal finance has also changed. People can now keep an eagle eye on their finances through the use of software such as quicken. This completely shows the importance of computers.


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  3. i have keen interest in computer so i am observing the every aspect which is related with computer.

  4. I love computers and know it well that without these machines it is nearly impossible to grow in today's world. Digital world has given us hope to fight against poverty and corruption which is possible only because of computers.

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